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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Download Texas Instruments TI99 4A ROMS

NEW @ South Central Emulation

The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A was an early home computer,
released in June 1981, originally at a price of USD $525. It was an enhanced
version of the less-successful—and quite rare—TI-99/4 model, which was released
in late 1979 at a price of $1,150. The TI-99/4A added an additional graphics
mode, "lowercase" characters comprised of small capitals, and a full travel
keyboard. Its predecessor, the TI-99/4, featured a calculator-style chiclet
keyboard and lacked any provision for lowercase text.
4A Flyer (1986)(John Phillips).zip
99 Home Sentry (1986)(Corcomp).zip
Accounting Assistant (1981)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Activity Accountant (1981)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Addition And Subtraction 1 (1981)(Scott, Foresman)
Addition And Subtraction 2 (1981)(Scott, Foresman)
Adventure (1981)(Adventure International)[PHM 3041
Alien Addition (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(M6)
Alligator Mix (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(M6)[
Alpiner (1982)(Texas Instruments)(M7)(Part 1 of 2)
Alpiner (1982)(Texas Instruments)(M7)(Part 2 of 2)
A-Maze-Ing (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3030].zip
Ambulance (1983)(Funware).zip
An Introduction to Plant Genetics (1984)(Texas Ins
An Introduction to Plant Genetics (1984)(Texas Ins
Ant-eater (1983)(Romox).zip
Attack, The (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3031].zi
Attendance Recorder (1982)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Barrage (1983)(Sofmachine)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Barrage (1983)(Sofmachine)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Beginning Grammar (1978)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 30
Berlin (19xx)(Iain Johnson)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Berlin (19xx)(Iain Johnson)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Beyond Parsec (1988)(John Phillips)(Part 1 of 2).z
Beyond Parsec (1988)(John Phillips)(Part 2 of 2).z
Black Hole (1983)(DaTaBioTics).zip
Blackjack and Poker (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM
Blasto (1980)(Milton Bradley)[PHM 3032].zip
Boxer (1989)(DaTaBioTics).zip
Break Thru!! (1989)(DaTaBioTics).zip
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (1983)(Sega Enterpris
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (1983)(Sega Enterpris
Burger Builder (1983)(DaTaBioTics).zip
Burgertime (1983)(Data East USA)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM
Burgertime (1983)(Data East USA)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM
Car Wars (1981)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3054].zip
Card Sharp (198x)(Milton Bradley)(proto).zip
Centipede (1983)(Atari).zip
Championship Baseball (1983)(Milton Bradley)(Part
Championship Baseball (1983)(Milton Bradley)(Part
Chicken Coop (1986)(Navarone).zip
Chisholm Trail (1982)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1 of
Chisholm Trail (1982)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2 of
Class Data Recorder (1981)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Computer Math Games I (1983)(Texas Instruments)(M5
Computer Math Games I (1983)(Texas Instruments)(M5
Computer Math Games II (1982)(Texas Instruments)[P
Computer Math Games III (1983)(Texas Instruments)(
Computer Math Games IV (1983)(Texas Instruments)(M
Computer Math Games IV (1983)(Texas Instruments)(M
Computer Math Games VI (1982)(Texas Instruments)[P
Computer War (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)(Part 1 of 2).
Computer War (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)(Part 2 of 2).
Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega Enterprises)(Part 1 of 2)[
Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega Enterprises)(Part 2 of 2)[
Connect Four (1980)(Milton Bradley)[PHM 3038].zip
Course Manager (1981)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Crossfire (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM
Crossfire (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM
DBM System v2.0 (1984)(Navarone).zip
Decimals 2 - Decimal Deli 2 (1983)(Scott, Foresman
Defender (1983)(Atari).zip
Demolition Division (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments
Demon Attack (1983)(Imagic)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM 3219]
Demon Attack (1983)(Imagic)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM 3219]
Demonstration (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3001].
Demonstration (198x)(Texas Instruments)(De).zip
Diagnostic Tests (1979)(Texas Instruments)(Fr).zip
Diagnostic Tests (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 300
Dig Dug (1982-83)(Namco & Atari)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Dig Dug (1982-83)(Namco & Atari)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Disk Fixer v2.0 (1984)(Navarone).zip
Disk Manager V1.0 (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M3)[PH
Disk Manager V2.0 (1982)(Texas Instruments)(M3)[PH
Disk Manager v3.0 (198x)(Texas Instruments)(M3)(pr
Disk Utilities v4.2 (19xx)(John Birdwell)(PD).zip
Division 1 (1982)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3049].zip
Division 1 (1982)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3049][o].zi
Donkey Kong (1983)(Nintendo)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Donkey Kong (1983)(Nintendo)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Dragon Mix (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(M6)(Par
Dragon Mix (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(M6)(Par
Driving Demon (1983)(Funware).zip
D-Station (1988)(DaTaBioTics).zip
D-Station II - The Conflict Continues! (1988)(DaTa
E.T. (1982)(Texas Instruments)(M7)(proto)(Part 1 o
E.T. (1982)(Texas Instruments)(M7)(proto)(Part 2 o
E.T. (1982)(Texas Instruments)(M7)(proto)(Part 3 o
E.T. In His Adventure at Sea (1983)(Texas Instrume
E.T. In His Adventure at Sea (1983)(Texas Instrume
Early Learning Fun (1982)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3
Early Logo Learning Fun (1982)(Texas Instruments)[
Early Reading (1980)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3015][b]
Editor-Assembler & TI-Writer & Super Disk Manager
Editor-Assembler & TI-Writer & Super Disk Manager
Editor-Assembler & TI-Writer & Super Disk Manager
Editor-Assembler (1981)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1
Editor-Assembler (1981)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2
Edu-Pack (1990)(Asgard).zip
Escape! (1984)(Cydex).zip
Extended Basic v100 (1982)(Texas Instruments)[PHM
Extended Basic v110 (1981)(Texas Instruments)[PHM
Extended Basic v2.5 (198x)(Tony Knerr)(PD).zip
Face Maker (1983)(Spinnaker)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM 3177
Face Maker (1983)(Spinnaker)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM 3177
Fantasy (1983)(Texas Instruments)(proto)(Part 1 of
Fantasy (1983)(Texas Instruments)(proto)(Part 2 of
Fathom (1983)(Imagic)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM 3222].zip
Fathom (1983)(Imagic)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM 3222].zip
Football (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3009].zip
Fractions 1 - Fantastic Fractions (1982)(Scott, Fo
Frog Jump (1982)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Frogger (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Frogger (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Germ Patrol (1983)(Texas Instruments)(proto)(Part
Germ Patrol (1983)(Texas Instruments)(proto)(Part
Gestion Privee (1983)(Texas Instruments)(Fr).zip
Hangman (1981)(Milton Bradley)[PHM 3037].zip
Hen Pecked (1983)(Romox).zip
Home Financial Decisions (1978)(Texas Instruments)
Homework Helper+ (1984)(Navarone).zip
Hopper (1983)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3229].zip
Household Budget Management (1979)(Texas Instrumen
Hunt The Wumpus (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M3)[PHM
Hustle (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3034].zip
I'm Hiding (1983)(Milton Bradley)(Part 1 of 2)[MBX
I'm Hiding (1983)(Milton Bradley)(Part 2 of 2)[MBX
Indoor Soccer (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M5)[PHM 30
Indoor Soccer (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M5)[PHM 30
Jawbreaker II (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(Part 1 of 2)[
Jawbreaker II (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(Part 2 of 2)[
Jumpy (1983)(Sofmachine)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Jumpy (1983)(Sofmachine)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Jungle Hunt (1982-83)(Taito & Atari)(Part 1 of 2).
Jungle Hunt (1982-83)(Taito & Atari)(Part 2 of 2).
Junkman Junior (1986)(DBT)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Junkman Junior (1986)(DBT)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Key to Spanish 1 (1983)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 312
Key to Spanish 3 (1983)(Texas Instruments).zip
Key to Spanish 4 (1983)(Texas Instruments).zip
King of the Castle (1984)(Cydex).zip
Link v0.99 (1992)(Asgard).zip
M.A.S.H (1983)(20th Century Fox)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM
M.A.S.H (1983)(20th Century Fox)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM
Mancala (1983)(DaTaBioTics)(M7)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Mancala (1983)(DaTaBioTics)(M7)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Meteor Multiplication (1982)(DLM & Texas Instrumen
Micro Pinball II (1984)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 1 of 2).
Micro Pinball II (1984)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 2 of 2).
Micro Tennis (1983)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Micro Tennis (1983)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Microsoft Multiplan V1.04 (1981)(Microsoft)[PHM 31
Microsurgeon (1983)(Imagic)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM 3220]
Microsurgeon (1983)(Imagic)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM 3220]
Midnite Mason (1982)(Software Specialties).zip
Mighty Multiplication 2 (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zi
Milliken Manager (19xx)(Milliken & Texas Instrumen
Milliken Math Sequences - Addition (1982)(Texas In
Milliken Math Sequences - Decimals (1982)(Texas In
Milliken Math Sequences - Division (1982)(Texas In
Milliken Math Sequences - Equations (1982)(Texas I
Milliken Math Sequences - Fractional Numbers (1982
Milliken Math Sequences - Integers (1982)(Texas In
Milliken Math Sequences - Laws of Arithmetic (1982
Milliken Math Sequences - Measurement Formulas (19
Milliken Math Sequences - Measurement Formulas (19
Milliken Math Sequences - Multiplication (1982)(Te
Milliken Math Sequences - Number Readiness & Addit
Milliken Math Sequences - Number Readiness (1984)(
Milliken Math Sequences - Percents (1982)(Texas In
Milliken Math Sequences - Subtraction (1982)(Texas
Milton Bradley Game Vision (198x)(Milton Bradley)(
Mind Challengers (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M3)[PHM
Mind Challengers (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M3)[PHM
Mini Memory (1981)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1 of 2)
Mini Memory (1981)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2 of 2)
Miniwriter II - Eof V1.6 (1986)(DaTaBioTics).zip
Minus Mission (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(M6)[
Moon Mine (1983)(Texas Instruments)(M7)(Part 1 of
Moon Mine (1983)(Texas Instruments)(M7)(Part 2 of
Moon Patrol (1982-83)(Williams & Atari)(Part 1 of
Moon Patrol (1982-83)(Williams & Atari)(Part 2 of
Moonsweeper (1983)(Imagic)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM 3224].
Moonsweeper (1983)(Imagic)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM 3224].
Mousk-Attack (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(proto)(Part 1
Mousk-Attack (1983)(Sierra On-Line)(proto)(Part 2
Ms. Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Ms. Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Multiplication 1 (1981)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3029]
Multiplication 1 (1981)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3029]
Munch Man II - The Monster is Back! (1987)(John Ph
Munch Mobile (1983)(SNK Electronics)(Part 1 of 2)[
Munch Mobile (1983)(SNK Electronics)(Part 2 of 2)[
Munchman (1982)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1 of 2)[PH
Munchman (1982)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2 of 2)[PH
Music Maker (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3020].zi
Music SDA (1980)(Texas Instruments).zip
Number Bowling (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Number Magic (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3004].z
Numeration 1 (1983)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3050].zip
Numeration 2 (1983)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3051].zip
Othello (1982)(CBS Video)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM 3067].z
Othello (1982)(CBS Video)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM 3067].z
Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Paint n Print (1985)(Navarone)[Axiom GP100-700].zi
Parsec (1982)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1 of 2)[PHM
Parsec (1982)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2 of 2)[PHM
Payroll Assistant (1982)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Peripheral Diagnostic Module (1985)(Corcomp).zip
Personal Real Estate (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM
Personal Record Keeping (1979)(Texas Instruments)[
Personal Record Keeping (1981)(Texas Instruments)(
Personal Report Generator (1980)(Texas Instruments
Peter Pan's Space Odyssey (1984)(Walt Disney)(prot
Peter Pan's Space Odyssey (1984)(Walt Disney)(prot
Peter Pan's Space Odyssey (1984)(Walt Disney)(prot
Physical Fitness (1978)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 301
Physical Fitness (1978)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 301
Picnic Paranoia (1983)(Atari)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Picnic Paranoia (1983)(Atari)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Picture Parts (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Pinocchio's Great Escape (1984)(Walt Disney)(proto
Pinocchio's Great Escape (1984)(Walt Disney)(proto
Pinocchio's Great Escape (1984)(Walt Disney)(proto
Plato Interpreter (1982)(Control Data)(Part 1 of 2
Plato Interpreter (1982)(Control Data)(Part 2 of 2
Pole Position (1982-83)(Namco & Atari)(Part 1 of 2
Pole Position (1982-83)(Namco & Atari)(Part 2 of 2
Popeye (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Popeye (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Princess and the Frog (1982)(Romox).zip
Pro Typer (1987)(DaTaBioTics).zip
Protector II (1983)(Atari)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Protector II (1983)(Atari)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Pyramid Puzzler (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Q-Bert (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Q-Bert (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Rabbit Trail (1983)(Funware).zip
Reading Adventures (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Reading Cheers (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Reading Flight (1982)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3082].z
Reading Fun (1982)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3043].zip
Reading On (1982)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3046].zip
Reading Power (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Reading Rally (1982)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3048].zi
Reading Roundup (1982)(Scott, Foresman)[PHM 3047].
Reading Trail (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Reading Wonder (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Return to Pirate's Isle (1983)(Texas Instruments &
Return to Pirate's Isle (1983)(Texas Instruments &
Romox Video Game Library (demo) (198x)(Romox).zip
Rotor Raiders (1983)(Romox).zip
Salary Planner (1980)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Schachmeister (198x)(Texas Instruments)(De).zip
Schnoz-ola (1983)(Funware).zip
Scholastic Spelling - Level 3 (1982)(Texas Instrum
Scholastic Spelling - Level 4 (1982)(Texas Instrum
Scholastic Spelling - Level 5 (1982)(Texas Instrum
Scholastic Spelling - Level 6 (1982)(Texas Instrum
School Mailer (1981)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Securities Analysis (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM
Sewermania (1983)(Milton Bradley)(Part 1 of 2)[MBX
Sewermania (1983)(Milton Bradley)(Part 2 of 2)[MBX
Shamus (1983)(Atari)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Shamus (1983)(Atari)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Simon Says! (198x)(Texas Instruments)(proto).zip
Slymoids (1983)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1 of 2)[PH
Slymoids (1983)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2 of 2)[PH
SMU Electrical Engineering Library (198x)(Texas In
Sneggit (1982)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3145].zip
Sorgan II (198x)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Sorgan II (198x)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Space Bandits (1984)(Milton Bradley)(Part 1 of 2)[
Space Bandits (1984)(Milton Bradley)(Part 2 of 2)[
Space Journey (1983)(Scott, Foresman).zip
Space Journey (1983)(Scott, Foresman)[a].zip
Speech Editor (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3011].
Speed Reader (1984)(Navarone).zip
Spy's Demise (1987)(CSI Design Group).zip
St. Nick (1983)(Funware)(Part 1 of 2).zip
St. Nick (1983)(Funware)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Star Gazer (1984)(Video Magic).zip
Star Gazer II (1984)(Video Magic).zip
Star Gazer III (1984)(Video Magic).zip
Star Maze (1983)(Tronics & Scott, Foresman).zip
Star Runner (1987)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Star Runner (1987)(DaTaBioTics)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator (1983)(Se
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator (1983)(Se
Starship Pegasus (1983)(Milton Bradley)(proto)(Par
Starship Pegasus (1983)(Milton Bradley)(proto)(Par
Statistics (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3014].zip
Statistik (1980)(Texas Instruments)(De).zip
Statistik (1980)(Texas Instruments)(De)[a].zip
Story Machine v1.4 (1982-83)(Spinnaker)(Part 1 of
Story Machine v1.4 (1982-83)(Spinnaker)(Part 2 of
Strike Three (1988)(John Phillips)(Part 1 of 2).zi
Super Disk Manager v4.0 (1984)(99-4A Users Group).
Super Duper v1.1 (1984)(Navarone).zip
Super Extended Basic (1987)(Triton).zip
Super Storm (1983)(Atari)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Super Storm (1983)(Atari)(Part 2 of 2).zip
T.I. Toad (1982)(Software Specialties).zip
Tax Investment Record Keeping (1980)(Texas Instrum
Tax Investment Record Keeping (1980)(Texas Instrum
Terminal Emulator I (1980)(Texas Instruments)[PHM
Terminal Emulator II (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M2)
Terminal Emulator II (1980)(Texas Instruments)(M2)
TI Calc (1983)(Texas Instruments)(M4)[PHM 3213][re
TI Invaders (1981)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1 of 2)
TI Invaders (1981)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2 of 2)
TI LOGO (1981)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3040].zip
TI LOGO II (1984)(Texas Instruments)(Part 1 of 2)[
TI LOGO II (1984)(Texas Instruments)(Part 2 of 2)[
TI Logo II (198x)(Texas Instruments)(It).zip
TI Planner (1987)(DaTaBioTics)[AKA Console Calc].z
TI-Writer Word Processor (1982)(Texas Instruments)
Tombstone City - 21st Century (1981)(Texas Instrum
Tombstone City - 21st Century (1981)(Texas Instrum
Topper (1986)(Navarone).zip
Touch Typing Tutor (1982)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3
Treasure Island (1983)(Data East USA)(Part 1 of 2)
Treasure Island (1983)(Data East USA)(Part 1 of 2)
Treasure Island (1983)(Data East USA)(Part 2 of 2)
Tunnels of Doom (1982)(Texas Instruments).zip
Typo II (1983)(Romox).zip
Typoman (1987)(Navarone).zip
U-Boat Jagd (1984)(Saurus)(De)(Part 1 of 2).zip
U-Boat Jagd (1984)(Saurus)(De)(Part 2 of 2).zip
VAT Accounting (1980)(Texas Instruments)(En-De)[AK
Verb Viper (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(proto).
Video Chess (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3008].zi
Video Games 1 (1979)(Texas Instruments)(M3)[PHM 30
Video Graphs (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3005].z
Video Graphs (1979)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3005][a
Video Vegas (1982)(Funware)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Video Vegas (1982)(Funware)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Von Drake's Molecular Mission (1984)(Walt Disney)(
Von Drake's Molecular Mission (1984)(Walt Disney)(
Weight Control & Nutrition (1980)(Texas Instrument
Weight Control & Nutrition (1980)(Texas Instrument
Wing War (1983)(Imagic)(proto)(Part 1 of 2).zip
Wing War (1983)(Imagic)(proto)(Part 2 of 2).zip
Word Invasion (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)[PHM
Word Invasion (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)[PHM
Word Radar (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(Part 1
Word Radar (1982)(DLM & Texas Instruments)(Part 2
Yahtzee (1980)(Milton Bradley)[PHM 3039].zip
ZeroZap (1981)(Milton Bradley)[PHM 3036].zip



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This is the most complete collection i've EVER seen.

Siegfried Kretzschmar said...

PLEASE a new upload, the link is not any longer valid!

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