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Monday, December 31, 2007



Ok so this is just a quick guide for use who are just discovering Rom Hacks !

Generally these files are downloaded in " IPSorXPS " File Types & Are NOTHING MORE than what the Author of the HACK has completed for release & DO NOT RUN simply by adding them to your ROM Files as Per usual !

For the most up to date Software's to patch your hacks go to

But to get ya started quickly - I Like the classic IPS, It is used mainly to apply patches to ROMs. Although, IPS-win, is for Windows. It does the same thing, but gives you a quick GUI so you can patch, and be on your way. Check it out. Version 3.0 is under development.(08/12/2001) IPSWIN 2.0

Extract it to somewhere you will find it easy, Because you will need to also ad the Hack Patch & The Original Rom File of the Hacked Rom to the same folder (FOR EASE OF USE !).

Ok now for your first time I have selected a great HACK for you to complete & Play "Emulated of course".
Game Name ›› Super Robot Wars 3
Japanese Name ›› Dai 3 Ji Super Robot Taisen
Published on ›› July 23rd, '93
Developed by ›› Winkysoft
Published by ›› Banpresto
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Strategy/RPG
First Release ›› December 25th, '02
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› December 25th, '02

This is originally a Japanese ONLY SNES GAME! BUT, We have the "English Translation Hack" ! Go Here to see the Authors Information About this Hack->

To download the Original Distribution go to- HEREimage

To Download the ( IPS PATCH ) Go to- HEREimage

- Extract both the Original Rom Image & the Patch to your IPS Win Folder.
Typically at this point you would follow the instruction usually included with the HACK .But "Were MEN".

-Open your IPSWin Program Folder & Rename the Original Rom Image (Required By ALL HACKS!) to That of the HACKED File ! E/G= Rename --> Dai_3_Ji_Super_Robot_Taise
n_J TO --> srw3

-Run IPSWin,
-In the "File To Patch" Field Select the Original Rom Image that you Just renamed to that of the Hacked File Name !
-In the " IPS Patch To Use" Field Select the "HACKED" IPS File.

Make sure that all options are Unchecked! & Click The "Patch!" Button !

You have just created a working Hacked Rom Image!
RENAME IT TO:" Super Robot Wars (taisen) 3.smc " Very Important !
Remember when you rename the newly created Hacked Rom you MUST ALSO CHANGE THE FILE TYPE TO ( SMC ) Or your Emulator May Not Run It!

So Simply ad the Newly created Hacked Rom to your SNES ROMS Folder & Run it in your Favorite Emulator!
MORE HACKS FROM THE MAKERS OF The Super Robot Wars (taisen) 3 Hack Go To -->


Obviously you have read the Instructions Included with your "Hack"!
If you have followed THIS TOPIC, Your familiar with "Patching IPS Hacks to ROMs" & Now you getting a kick outa this hacked ROM & Emulation ++*% eh?
So Now your a PRO & EXPANDING a ROM is your next Feat..

It's a site dedicated to nes/snes ROM Hacking & Includes all the tools you will ever need as you broaden your ROM hacker skillzz.
I Highly Suggest Downloading ALL the "LUNAR" APP's NOW !"

"LUNAR" is the standard in Rom Hacking Given Any System Type, & Almost any Modification Purpose can be archived with the "LUNAR" Tools.

I know, I know I talk allot BUT Even if this is long & Tedious it will be in your Brain, Come time to need it!
ANYWAYS, To Expanding Your ROM.
Download "LunarExpand"->
(Your Hack Instructions Will give Converting Info)

Just run LunarExpand, Apply the Type of Expansion NOTED IN THE HACKED ROM INSTRUCTIONS & GO!
Okay, got it?

Now, I've got to explain this expansion thing. When someone hacks a game,
They usually just edit what is existing, Right ?Well, sometimes their hack is SO DAMN AWESOME
They need more space than the original game actually had.
At this point, they need to EXPAND the ROM's size to stuff more crap in.
That's all Expansion is.
How do you tell if you have to expand your ROM? There are several signs:

A. You already applied the patch and the ROM is garbagy/doesn't work.
B. While reading about a hack, it tells you it requires expansion.
C. An EB ROM is normally 3MB, so look for anything above that.

You've probably figured it out by now, and even if you haven't you can keep in mind that expanding A ROM never hurt anybody, while NOT expanding a ROM has probably killed several goats! LOL

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