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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Videogame Replacement Manual Project

A brief description of this project.

Many Popular Videogames often require the original" Instructional OR Decoder Type" of information as originally distributed to play some games ! ( I/E- Bill & Ted's Excellent Videogame Adventure For the Nintendo 8-Bit Entertainment System, F/A18-Interceptor For The old Commodore AMIGA, Etc ). That's what this project is all about !


South Central Emulation's Goal with this project is to, Provide the original "SCANNED" Copy (s) Of these Original Documents so that any of these types of games will have the Required information Located in the "ZIPPED Version of the Associated Game Rom Image as available in the downloads of our Members Sections.

Some games such as F/A18-Interceptor For The old Commodore AMIGA Require a "Decoder Wheel" to begin the game. Notice there are 3 Different sections, What happens in these instances is, Each Individual piece MUST BE Scanned separately Revealing the complete contents so that we may create our handy little Programs to Replace the requirement of such required material (s).

If you can help in the least, South Central Emulation will reward you with a FREE 10 DAY Membership to our MEMBERS ONLY SECTION for every

  • Game you can either Scan the ORIGINAL COMPLETE Documentation & Or Any Decoder type information for.
  • Suggest a game you know requires this type of documentation.
  • E-mail us southcentralemulation

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